Off Lead group walks in our secure 2-acre playground. Doggy Heaven!

As well as offering Doggy Daycare, we also offer a lunch time, group dog walk. We cover predominately cover Castle Donington and Melbourne for our walks. To us, it’s not just walking your dog. It’s about bonding with them and proving them with some time out of the house to run, play and socialise. Lots of dogs developed behavioural problems when left for hours at a time due to boredom, stress, anxiety or just lack of exercise.  But for some, a full day at Daycare is too much. So a group walk is the perfect answer. 


As professional dog walkers, we treat each dog as an individual, as we learn about their characteristics and what makes them happy. Dogs are walked in groups in our enclosed, off-lead daycare centre after careful Introductions. 


The joy of having this enclosed 2 acre site, means it suits all types of dogs. So If they are older or very young and enjoy or need shorter walks, they can have a potter around then relax and watch the others run.  If they are lively, full of life and energy and would enjoy a more energetic walk that's great too.


We have lots of areas for them to enjoy.


  • Our agility course- helps build a bond between dog and handler

  • Our wild meadow - It stimulates the senses which help to boost confidence

  • The all-weather garden - A large mud-free area to relax and play

  • Our playground - filled with forts, platforms, sunken trampolines, bridges, and tunnels. A true doggy playground

  • Our relaxation zone - A smaller paddock, designed with our older dogs in mind. Lots to sniff, and places to rest, with some observation platforms

  • Basic Training - With experienced, trained handlers, we can offer fun, positive basic training as part of their walk

  • Professional Team - Well trained, qualified staff

  • Small groups - Allows for undivided attention 



 You will see from our videos on social media we have a mixture of young and old, dogs who run for hours as well as those who like to chill. We have something for everyone. 

We pick your dog up in our custom-built van, travel to the enclosed site, where your dog will have a fully supervised play with their new friends before being wiped down and dropped back home.  


*All dogs attending daycare and group walks have to pass a behavioral assessment first. 

*As a guide we don't accept intact males over the age of 12 months. But this differs by breed and dog. We communicate any issues and work with you. But any aggression will not be tolerated. Bitches don't have to be spayed but are not allowed to attend daycare when in season, so that needs to be considered.